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29th January 2018

Two decades of lost earnings growth?

In its response to the Autumn Budget last November, the Resolution Foundation, a ‘think tank’, painted a bleak picture of the outlook for the UK economy.

25th January 2018

A New Year, a new crisis looming in the NHS

A new report, 'NHS continuing healthcare funding', published by the Committee of Public Accounts, highlights the difficulties people face accessing NHS continuing healthcare (CHC).

25th January 2018

Working together

All too often specialists in their respective fields focus on their own discipline, or a problem at hand. Bringing these various disciplines together to produce a collegiate plan is necessary if the most beneficial long-term outcomes are to be achieved.

20th December 2017

Timing of Trust Establishment – Part 2

To reiterate the importance of considering trust advice at the most appropriate time, the following case study highlights one of the issues of deferring advice to too late a stage

20th December 2017

Show me the ... evidence!

The Justice Committee's report on the proposed discount rate legislation concluded, amongst other things, that there was insufficient evidence of over-compensation to justify the abandonment of Wells.

6th November 2017

ASHE 2017 - the results are in!

The 2017 release of the Annual Survey of Hours and Earnings (ASHE), conducted in April 2017, was published on 26th October 2017.